Our New Website will be live online very soon!
Check back tomorrow or the next day it might be then.

We are very excited to offer all our handcrafted products direct to you on our new online shopping website very, very soon!

Heart Warming Candles is celebrating its 25TH year in business by opening its own online retail store. Our exceptional products have been available since 1993 through retailers and arts and crafts shows throughout the Midwest. We will be offering our candles, cookie melts and accessories directly to you, our loyal customers.
One of our retailers was brightideasonline.net. They have retired. Their website is now forwarded to this website, heartwarmingcandles.net and will be updated to our online store soon. You can then continue to order online at that time.
We look forward to bringing you our exceptional products online in 2017.

Carol & Randy
Heart Warming Candles

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