Heart Warming Candles™ was founded in Greenfield, Indiana in 1993 and relocated to Campbellstown, Ohio in 2000. We are a small manufacturer of candles, melts, melters and accessories; handcrafting only the best for you.


As a small business we have to try harder, be better, keep learning and offer the best price possible to win satisfaction from our loyal customers.

We thank our customers for spreading the word
(or should I say smell) to others.

We have grown and expanded at a pace to ensure we can maintain our excellent service record and top of the line products.


For those who demand only the best...

We've created the unprecedented...

In 1993 there wasn't much information on the internet about candle making and those who handcraft candles for the retail consumer. Today with the wealth of information available, it's easy for just about anyone to instantly call themselves a candle company.

We, at Heart Warming Candles™ have spent the last 14 years learning from scratch, blending, testing and, using only the highest quality raw materials to produce our unprecedented quality candles. The ultimate quality of our products speaks to the years of experience and careful craftsmanship of each and every candle that leaves our shop. It's kind of like in the kitchen, "made from scratch" means old-fashioned goodness and quality. This quality is still our main goal today. We learn more and more everyday and continually strive to produce only the best products.


We custom blend most of our scents, we test and test and test until we "smell" it's right. You simply can't get our custom blended scents from any other source. A little of this and a lot of that makes our food scents spread the memories of a recipe grandma used to make. We know you'll love our custom scents.

Choose your favorites in a candle or melt.
We now have 85 scents available.




Check our list of valued retailers who stock our products and are waiting to serve you. Visit their stores near you and see, more importantly smell the difference. Let them tell you why Heart Warming Candles™ simply are the best!!


We are valued by our customers as having the best melts on the market. Please make sure you are buying the original cookie melts™ by Heart Warming Candles,™ Campbellstown, Ohio. We have found in the past few months, both at the Gift Marts and on the Internet, that other companies are starting to copy our cookies and exact five pack packaging. While copying our products is the highest flattery we receive we remain, as always, concerned that our customers only receive the handcrafted, meticulous detail that only Heart Warming Candles™ consistently delivers. We have been in business since 1993 and introduced our extremely successful cookie melts™ to our line in 2000. Only settle for the original Heart Warming Candle™.

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